Today, marks two years to the day since we met Moo. She had a princess party yesterday, and it was great. I feel so lucky to have her, and would never change a thing. This time last year, I wrote a letter to Moo on her birthday. This year, I am going to do something slightly different.  There has been so many changes in my daughter in the last year, and I love her to bits, more than ever. I want to remember her as she is today. So I am going to write a list instead of a letter, a list of some of  the things that I love most about two year old Moo, so I can read back over this and fondly remember all the little idiosyncrasies that made my toddler who she is:

  • When you are really happy, you walk around saying ‘Happy! Happy! Happy!’
  • When you have hurt someone or something, you give them a hug.
  • When something bad happens, you say ‘Oh no!’ in a really concerned voice.
  • When you want something you say ‘Tleeese!’
  • When Daddy does his maniacal laugh, you go right up to him and do it back in his face.
  • You are constantly cuddling and kissing the dog.
  • You make all your toys cuddle and kiss one another.
  • You always make sure your dollies are well fed and have drunk enough.
  • When I am sick you bring me a doll to cuddle some ‘tea’ to drink and read a book to me.
  • You make the best pretend tea around.
  • When you taste something delicious you close your eyes to enjoy it. If it’s really good, you dance in your seat while you eat.
  • You won’t leave the house without either necklaces or a hat on.
  • When you are having a good day, your shoulders dance while you walk.
  • You wave at random people  in the shops and scrunch your nose to smile when they look at you.
  • If you ask for something and I say ‘No’, you say ‘Daddy said.’ If I say, ‘No he didn’t,’ you counter with ‘Papa said’. Then ‘Oma said.’ Then ‘Sas said’. I act annoyed and tell you off when you do this, but I secretly think it’s funny.
  • Every time you see a princess, or any other pretty woman, you say that it’s Mummy.
  • You are never more excited then when you say the word ‘Horsey!’
  • If you want me to wake up in the morning you pry my eye open with your fingers and when my eyes roll forward to see you, you smile and say ‘Hey!’, like you are surprised to see me awake.
  • When you are sad, you hug me so tight that I couldn’t put you down if I wanted to, and you snuggle into my neck.
  • When Daddy does something silly, you roll your eyes and say ‘Daaaaddeh!’.
  • You occasionally sound like you have a Southern accent. Particularly when you say ‘Bird’, ‘Dog’ and ‘More’.
  • Your face when you are planning something naughty is your most delightful face.
  • You call marshmallows ‘mushmoos’.

I will read that list in a couple of years, when Moo’s language is improved,  and she is a bit more sophisticated, and I imagine I will laugh, and maybe even feel a little wistful for the toddler Moo. But if the past two years are anything to go by, I won’t be too sad. Because by then, I will love my Moo even more than I can imagine now. Happy birthday sweetie.

I’m An, the wife of a wonderful, but extremely nerdy gamer, a mother to two, a scientist, an amateur pastry chef, a daughter, a sister and a friend.

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