It’s been a busy month for us, with the new arrival, and as a result, I haven’t written a post in that time. But, this week, my little lady turned 3 years old. She seems so grown up now. And what better way to get back into it than to write an updated version of my post from her last birthday? She has changed so much in the last year, and already a lot of those things from when she turned two are no longer reality, but are now just fond memories. So now, it’s time to write down some more. Here are just some of the things about my now three-year old that I adore:


  • The big sister you are- how you play with your tiny brother and always want to take care of him. I love that your voice makes him light up. I love how you are clearly his favourite person.
  • Some people would say you are bossy. You are- so bossy and SO sure of yourself. I have never known of a toddler who would feel comfortable walking into a room of adults, most of whom she barely knew, asking them to be quiet, and when they didn’t comply, telling them ‘You need to get out of my house.’ I hope you are always bossy. Bossy isn’t bad- it makes you a boss.
  • How you play with your dolls- How every game is the same. They say hello, and then compliment each other, and say ‘Thank you so much’ in reply. So polite.
  • How you are truly, almost overwhelmingly, excited by every gift you get. How as you open them, you without fail, always gasp with awe. I hope you stay grateful.
  • How when you get home after a long day without me or Daddy, whoever you haven’t seen gets a dramatic, movie worthy, running hug.
  • How if you accidentally knock a kid over and think you’ve hurt them, you apologise even though you hate saying sorry.
  • That you have your own friends now, and how much you love them, and how much they love you.
  • How you’ve created your own alter ego for when you’re cranky- when you’re in a bad mood, if I call you by your name, you say, ‘No, I Benny now’. I don’t know where that came from, but it’s pretty funny.
  • Your dancing. It’s one of my favourite things to watch you dance. You close your eyes, and wiggle your shoulders and hips in the cutest way.
  • Your inability to lie. If  you do something naughty, and I ask you if you did it, you almost always say ‘Yes’ without hesitation. Or, if you untruthfully say ‘No’, if I follow up with ‘Are you lying?’, that will always get a quick ‘Yes’.
  • When you get put to bed at night, you always come back out and when Daddy tries to intercept, you always say ‘No, I need to talk to Mummy’. You always need to talk to me about the same thing. Big hugs.
  • Despite my truthfully quite terrible voice, you love me to sing you Disney songs at bedtime. Your favourites are ‘A dream is a wish your heart makes’, ‘Part of your world’,’Beauty and the Beast’ and ‘Almost there’.
  • How much you love watching ‘Hercules’. I didn’t expect that.
  • Even though you don’t carry her with you any more, when you’re really sad or sick, you still need Ikaya.
  • You are so grown up. You can do so many things for yourself now. Get dressed, fix your own snacks, the list grows every day.
  • When Daddy is annoying you, you start calling him ‘Rhys’ instead of ‘Daddy’.
  • When I am annoying you, you call me ‘Mother’. I hate it, but I do have to admit, it’s funny.
  • You are constantly testing us. Literally. You are continually showing us things and asking questions like ‘What colour is this?’ If we say the correct answer, you say ‘Yes.’ If we say the wrong answer, you say ‘Nooooooo. So… what colour is this?’
  • After the bedtime routine and tuck in, you read to your dolls in bed.
  • You recognise your name when you see it written. I find that amazing.
  • You tell us you love us when we say I love you (unless it’s bedtime and you aren’t ready for sleep).
  • When you sing happy birthday, you sing ‘Happy Birthday Cake to you!’ instead of the traditional lyrics. Because you know what the most important part of birthdays is, obviously.
  • When you are picked up from kindy, you always stop and tell everyone ‘Hey! That’s my Mummy/Daddy/Oma/Papa!’ like we are the most important and exciting people in the world.

I love you so much, little lady. I am so very glad you’re mine. Happy Birthday, Missy Moo.

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