Baby Bear is One


A year (and a week ) has passed since Bear came into our lives, and what a year it’s been. I can’t imagine our lives without his happy little face in it now.

Every year, around her birthday, I write a post about my daughter to remember how she was at that time – I wrote a letter when she was one, but when she was two and three, I wrote a post about all the little idiosyncrasies that defines her at that age. I want to write the same for my wonderful son. So Bear, here it is – the things that made you, you, when you turned a year old.

  • When you wake up in the morning, you yell ‘Dadaaaaa!’ DaDAAAAAA!’ Until someone comes and gets you. Thank you for always calling your Dad so that I can easily get out of it, haha.
  • When you’re doing something you shouldn’t be, and I say ‘Ah ahh’ you turn around with a charming little smile on, and say ‘AAH! AAH!’ back.
  • You are amazing on anything with wheels. You whiz around in the walker your sister was never really interested in, performing three-point turns with ease, and if you sister sits on the back, you pull her around, despite her being almost twice your weight.
  • You say ‘Ta’ when people give you things.
  • You are weirdly obsessed with the credits of TV shows. You don’t really show any interest in TV, but when  a show is playing its credits, you drop everything and watch them, only resuming activity when they finished. You are particularly enamored with these – the credits from Star Trek – Voyager. Some days, putting these on is the only way I can get you to sit still long enough to dress you.
  • You adore music. You will lay on my chest and listen to anything patting my arm as we sit there so quietly. I love how peaceful you are.
  • When you are tired, you love to snuggle up with me and lay quietly. You make me feel so loved in those moments.
  • You kiss me goodbye when I have to go, it’s the best.
  • Although you are normally a peaceful boy, you occasionally get really angry at inanimate objects and just start telling them off at the top of your lungs.
  • When ever someone says hello to you, you give them a truly charming smile.
  • Sometime I  hear you and you sister playing this game where you both just yell a noise at each other, the volume ever-increasing. The first time I thought you were fighting, until I looked in and you both had massive grins on your faces.
  • You sister is your hero. If you find something that makes her laugh, you do it over and over and over, giggling hysterically.
  • The look of pride you get when you manage to get up on something really tall. It’s adorable.
  • You are OBSESSED with the destruction potential inside the dishwasher. If you hear the soft click of it opening, you appear at the speed of light next to me, wanting to climb in and smash.
  • You are such a poser. If you see a phone or camera come out, you look directly into the lens and smile. You are the easiest kid to take photos of.
  • When your sister annoys you, you just start yelling at her. I shouldn’t find this funny, but your angry baby non-words make it so.
  • You learned how to say your sister’s name, even though it’s a hard one for a baby, because you obviously really needed to say it.
  • When we walk you in the pram, you giggle and kick your legs the whole time.

I love you so much, my baby Bear. I’m so glad that you’re here. Here’s to another year of getting to know you.

I’m An, the wife of a wonderful, but extremely nerdy gamer, a mother to two, a scientist, an amateur pastry chef, a daughter, a sister and a friend.

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